Travel Guide to PointPleasant

Point Pleasant Beach, a next-door neighbor to Manasquan, NJ to the north and Bay Head,NJ to the south, has a nearly mile-long boardwalk. Somewhere in the middle it's jam-packed with family fun for this whole region. Point Pleasant is a destination...

Point Pleasant Beach: A Big Little Beach Town with a Lot to Do

Greetings from PointPleasant, NJ!

The beach at Point Pleasant Beach was ranked the eighth best beach in New Jersey in the 2008 Top 10 Beaches Contest sponsored by the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium. It's large, clean, well-kept, with plenty of nearby options when the kids get hungry or need to get out of the sun. But describing Point Pleasant Beach with the beach alone, would miss an awfully lot. This is one beach town that has all the Jersey shore attractions in one place - and then some. Yes, an amusement park on the boardwalk! Yes, a marina! Yes, an Aquarium! Yes, nightlife! Yes, seafood restaurants!

Besides the families that have vacationed here year after year, there's just as many Jersey shore visitors who will be discovering Point Pleasant Beach for the first time this summer. This is a family vacation resort where single young adults can also find a great time: amusement rides, arcades, miniature golf courses,a unique Aquarium, lots of restaurants and entertainments with the laid back atmosphere of a beach town. Not too big. Not too small. Point Pleasant Beach is just right.